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An Enduring Vision  

In the heart of the vibrant historic province of Cavite, a unique village is fast taking shape.

Indang Village is a unique housing development aimed at meeting the dreams and needs of British Filipinos and British Expatriates who have become accustomed to the comforts of British style living but are looking forward to owning a house in the Philippines. You have a choice of British-inspired house designs from which you can select the model best suited to your lifestyle needs.

Indang Village invites you to celebrate the vibrant history of the unspoiled part of Cavite. Life here is certainly good and beautiful!


Indang Village vision is of a residential community that offers a British village-like environment as its main attraction.

Tone was established early with the House designs and layout prepared by Architect Jerry Jaro of Imus, Cavite. A highly regarded Contractor with reputation for building house to a very high standard.

You will find numerous choices of houses ranging from three to six bedrooms. Tastefully furnished in elegant British country home equipped for modern lifestyle. Each house reflects the importance of beautiful surroundings, comfort and privacy.